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    Adobe Flash Player won't stop asking to install.


      I'm using windows 7 and Mozilla firefox, but this problem happens even when I don't have a browser window opened.

      Adobe flash player won't quit asking to install. probably once a minute i receive a (UAC)request to allow adobe flash player to install. Even with no browser windows open. EVEN WHILE I AM WATCHING FLASH VIDEOS, it is telling me to install it. It literally interupts everything I am doing, even when I'm not browsing the internet.


      I currently have it completely uninstalled as far as i know. I used the adobe uninstaller available on this site. So there's no flash player or shockwave player installed on my computer... still receiving this request every minute or so.

      It's ridiculous.

      I tried running a virus scan, because thats the only thing I could possibly think of that would be this irritating, and it says that my computer is clean.


      Is there some secret files somewhere I need to delete? I'm thinking of deleting the activex install files. I keep getting "The ActiveX Installer (AxInstSV) service entered the running state." in my event viewer, which seem to coincide with this issue.

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          pwillener Level 8

          Can you post a screenshot of what is asking you to install Flash Player?


          I doubt that it is really Flash Player doing that, especially since you have uninstalled it.

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            annoyedbythis Level 1

            hm alright ill try to take one but I'll tell you this: The verification certificate for it is valid. It says its from adobe.


            the site that it says it's going to download it from is something like fpdownload2.macromedia.com get swflash.cab.


            i actually authorized the UAC once after i got so annoyed, and it downloaded it just like normal. I'm pretty sure its the proper address because I've seen it posted by other people when I was researching this.


            i tried taking some screen shots and it wouldn't let me, possibly because of the UAC.

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              pwillener Level 8

              That does sound legitimate, but I have no idea what is happening.


              I hope someonw from the Adobe FP team can have a look at this.

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                annoyedbythis Level 1

                yea it's crazy. i wish it was a virus or something but I've scanned like ten times an dno results. So unless it's one of those extremely sophisticated ones that can disable virus scanning and make your computer think it doesn't have virii.... i really have no idea what it could be.


                I decided to try uninstalling mozilla. I also disabled the activexinstaller service. Now I get a new message. "Internet explorer add-on" with a bunch of numbers for the part at the bottom.

                So I uninstalled internet explorer


                same message.

                might just have to wipe my hard drive ;/

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                  annoyedbythis: I thought I was going insane until I saw your post - this is exactly what I have been seeing for the past week. Here is my setup on a thinkpad W520:


                  - Windows 7 x64

                  - Firefox is installed. IE uninstalled.

                  - I uninstalled every Adobe product. Control panel no longer shows anything from Adobe or MAcromedia to be installe don my machine.

                  - I have repeatedly used the flash player uninstaller from Adobe's site. It reports that it is uninstalling successfuly every time - which must be incorrect either on first pass or on all subsequent passes.

                  - I have tried deleting everything recognizable as Adobe related in AppData for both my admin user and normal account.

                  - I have turned off using Autorun any Firefox related startup program.

                  - I have also tried downloading the damn thing several times and letting it install. No use.

                  - In the event log I see svchost.exe crashes associated with this flashplayer installer, but that still gives no clue what I need to delte to get rid of this issue.

                  - I have tried using procexp and procmon - maybe I just don't have enough experience with these tools to figure out what to delete.

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                    annoyedbythis Level 1

                    I finally got it fixed but I'm not sure what fixed it.


                    here's everything i did:

                    Uninstalled all browsers.

                    Uninstalled all adobe stuff.

                    Uninstalled Java

                    Deleted anything left behind (i left browser stuff though because i wanted it to save my passwords and such).

                    disabled activexsvinst or something service. The activex installer service.

                    Used CC cleaner to clean up registry

                    Made sure to delete almost everything in user/local/temp folders and such (where adobe and java store stuff usually. I dunno might want to be careful doing this cause i dont know if there's important files there. Also some folders won't let you delete it but that just means you have to go inside the folder and select all then delete. The only file that should be in one of thosetemp folders is like fxsapidebug or something, in my opinion.)


                    ran CC cleaner again.



                    not sure if this helped but i also used HIJACKTHIS and uninstalled some browser helpers that didnt get deleted. In particular there was an adobe one i think. Cant really remember tho. Now that i look at hijackthis again, it couldn't have been this because the browsers helper stuff is still there.

                    I also ran about 500000000 virus scans with multiple scanning programs and none of them detected anything.


                    I've reinstalled Mozilla and flash and haven't had any problems since.


                    Hope this helps anybody else with the same problem.