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    Symbols not appearing when pasting text into InDesign

    HoneyBadger_Cares_Not Level 1



      This is a problem that is only occurring since we upgraded to CS5.5


      Whenever I paste editorial into an indesign page some symbols are not being transferred, In this case the Euro symbol.


      What I get is just a blank space with the pale red colour indicating a missing character (example attached below).


      As far as I can tell the symbol itself does actually exist within the font...


      Is there any way this can be corrected automatically? of course I can put them in myself from the glyphs panel but I never had to in previous CS versions.


      Thanks in advance.



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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Well, pink means InDesign thinks it is not in the font. What is the font? And if you highlight the pink box and look in the Info window, what is the Unicode code of the character?

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            jenniferhines78 Level 1

            I'm having the same problem when placing text from a Word 2010 docx file into InDesign using File, Place. The symbols, all set in symbol font within the word document, come in with just the pink "missing font" highlight, but do not display (just as shown in the picture above). In addition, even though they are highlighted as missing, when I use the Find Fonts dialog box there is no missing fonts, and finding/replacing the Symbol Medium font doesn't do anything since InDesign isn't recognizing it as lost through that dialog. The font is on our system and I can manually add them through the glyphs palette or through manual formatting it to Symbol, but not all the missing symbols are the same symbol (inch mark, foot mark, Greek letter delta, etc.) so I can't just cut and paste them all in... ideas for a find and replace, or a fix of the issue? It happens with multiple files, from multiple templates, so I'm guessing it's a font thing between Word 2010 and InDesign CS5 since we just upgraded to both and never had the problem before... ideas anyone?

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              lindaw2396 Level 1

              I'm having the same problem and found that in the Word 2007 doc when I select the character and look at the Font it does NOT show as Symbol. It shows as Times, the font the text is in. Even when I insert a new symbol, that shows as Symbol in the selection menu, but when I go back to the Home menu, the Font says it's Times. If I select the character and manually change it to Symbol, the Font now shows as Symbol and when placed into InDesign CS5 it works. Since you say your files originated in Word 2010, I'm wondering if you have the same situation. 

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                daevaux Level 1

                Hi there. What font are  you using in indesign? Option + Shift + 2 is what to hit for the euro if the typeface is recent (since 98 or 99).

                When you highlight that pink space what font does it say is being used?

                THere likely is a better solution, but if all of the text is already in your docuemtn you could copy that pink space... paste it in the Find field of Find replace, and put € (option shift 2) in the replace field.


                What application are you pulling the text from? and how are you importing it?