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    Adobe Media Encoder not launching when I clicked queue in Export Media


      Hi guys,


      I have been trying for about 3 weeks now trying to render my work using Adobe Media Encoder but it just won't launch as mentioend in my subject line. Upon clicking on queue, the animation showing "preparing data for export" and "exporting data" appeared and disappeared and then nothing happens. Resuming to work on my project in Premiere Pro becomes impossible and a semi-transparent white screen appears over Premiere Pro and it hangs with a message from Windows 7 appearing saying that Premiere Pro has stopped responding.


      Here are a few things that I have tried:


      1. Updating all of my softwares included in the Production Premium Suite CS5.5
      2. Deleting all files in the folder C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder\5.5
      3. Pressing Ctrl + Alt +Shift and launching Premiere Pro
      4. Pressing Ctrl + Alt +Shift and launching Adobe Media Encoder
      5. Opening sequence in Adobe Media Encoder to try to render
      6. Called up Adobe Asia Pacific only to be told that I will charged something like USD$39 if they were to help me
      7. Disabling Mercury Engine Playback capability


      The only work around I'm doing now is to copy the files to another computer and rendering from there.


      Can anyone else suggest another way or point me in the right direction please?


      My com's specs are as follow:


      • Windows 7 Premium 64-bit Operating System
      • 16Gb RAM
      • Intel Core i7 CPU 960@3.20Ghz
      • System type: 64-bit Operating System
      • Display Adapter: nVidia GeForce GTX560Ti


      Many thanks people.