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    Not good tool for handwritting comments in Adobe Acrobat X pro

    granlebo Level 1



      I have evaluated Adobe Acrobat X pro for adding handwritting comments on my university pdf documents.

      I normally use Office One Note 2010 to take quite good notes but the official college documents are .pdf format., so

      it is very useful to be able to take notes over those .pdf.


      The main problem is that the Adobe handwritting tool doesn´t work very well: it is a bit slow from moving your tablet-pen to

      the line on the document; if you try to write to different lines together, Adobe understands that you want to select the first one (try to

      write 90º line with to lines).



      It would be great if Adobe gives Acrobat possibilities similar to Office One Note, even to develop a new solution to take notes .pdf format.