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    Flex sdk 3.0

      I have tried some of the samples which comes along with flex sdk3.0.I found that swf generated after compiling these sample using mxml compiler is having only 2 frames .Is there any way to generate more than 2 frames in an swf.
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          slaingod Level 1
          Flex puts the actionscript and other important stuff on the main 'stage' for the swf. Everything else is in sub 'scenes' basically. Thinking of Flex from a timeline perspective isn't generally very useful. What is it you want to do that you would need more frames for the flex app? Presumably, you really are looking for a way to call a particular functionality/animation externally which you can do by creating a public method in your mx:Application.
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            Ardra_Padmakumar Level 1
            I want to create a swf file with many frames and each frame should contain different images and similary each frame should have some button which will be used for navigation or other purpose.some of these frames will contain a movieclip which may have some 20 or more frames.what i am planning is to, write the code for acheiving above using as3 .
            My appilication will have different .as file for achieving this.But all this i can do after getting as3 method for inserting frames dynamically to timeline or movieclip.

            Please provide your thoughts.
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              slaingod Level 1
              In flex (mx/SDK code) you would do this in as inside your code, but it would really have nothing to do with frames. You would just create an mx:Image, and then add a click listener to the navigation button which would update the source for the Image.

              Otherwise, to do something like this in AS3, you could do it in either Flex Builder or Flash CSx dynamically, but it would have nothing to do with Flex SDK/mx code. You would create an actionscript project if you wanted to do it in Flex and just write your AS3 code there (no mx:Application, etc.).
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                Ardra_Padmakumar Level 1
                Is there any method available for inserting frames dynamically to timeline or movieclip?

                If any method is available i can use it to separate frames in my application.
                and compile the .as and mxml file using mxml compiler and generate swf file wih more that 2 frames.

                Please provide your thought on above and i don't want to use Flex o Flash cs3 builder for achieving above.