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    Interested in some changes after viewing PPBM benchmark

    Eliran S

      Hi all,


      The first thing I did after installing the software on the new build was to run the ppbm benchmark test.


      Computer ID*



      Brand CPUModel CPUClock speedCPUPhys. Cores# RAMTotalRPIDisk I/OMPEG DVDH.264 BRMPE OffMPE OnMPE GainVersionVideo cardWindowsOSSize OSSpeed OS# OSRaid OSProjectSize ProjectSpeed project#Raid Project# HDDRaid controller
      542011-08-23 16:06:23Mike_VideoDesktopAsusP8Z68-V ProInteli7-2600K(OC) 4.414161961.8361715974514.85.5GTX 570Win7 64SATA36072001
      SATA150072004Raid 105On-board
      1642011-09-08 03:06:49ZekeDesktopAsusP8Z68-VInteli7-2600K3.414162942.561121106784516.85.5GTX 570Win7 64SATA150072001
      1762011-10-28 12:18:30Medieval#1DesktopAsusP8Z68 V ProInteli7-2600K3.414163052.7910312373906155.5GTX 560Win7 64SATA50072001
      SATA100072004Raid 05On-board


      By build is the highlighted one.

      As you can see the build who's 12 spots above me have the same hardware but the video card, gtx 570 vs my gtx 560 ti but he have no raid vs my build that got 4 disks on raid 0 array.

      The other build i'm eyeing at is ranked 54, that have the same as the ranked 164, but overcloked it's cpu.

      So my question is, What moves should I make prior to over clocking in order to speed up my build?

      My first step was splitting the 4 disks array into one and see if there are any changes. Not for better speed but to check if I lose speed.

      If I'm not gaining any speed by having a 4 disk array, I'm better of without it thus decreasing my chances of HDD failure.


      Thanks & Regards,


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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          Two stock speed scores of 294 and 305 are hardly different, because they represent the sum total of 4 different scores and each score can have a measurement error of 1 second, due to the limitations of the Windows file system. Your disk I/O results are better than Zeke, showing that your raid is paying off. Your MPEG results are slower, indicating that Zeke's system is tuned slightly better and has less CPU overhead from running processes and the same applies to the H.264 test. The differences between MPE on results are negligent and possibly caused by the measurement accuracy. It does show that overclocking pays off.

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            Eliran S Level 1



            Thank you for your educated reply.

            I'll just add one thing, I wasn't clear in my first post regarding the raid array.

            I want to check if having 2 raid (0) arrays of 2 disks is any slower then having 4 disks raid array like I have right now.

            When I asked you guys to help me with my build, you (Harm) said it would not matter in speed if i'll use 4 disks in raid 0 or 2*2 raid 0 arrays.

            I eventually went with another suggestion I recieved and now I want to verify it.

            I'll re-post when I'll have results (during this weekend I'll guess).


            I guess the only moves I got right now are:

            1. fine tune the system

            2. consider OC.