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    Editing a BlackMagic AVi file

    Florida Navigator One

      I have Premiere Elements 10.  A service is offering to convert 8mm film to a Blackmagic Avi file.  I have no Blackmagic hardware.  I have Win 7 64bit.


      Will PE10 read this file in so I may edit the file.  Do i need to obtain any new codecs, and if so, how do I do that?


      If the edited file is saved to hard disk, will it be Blackmagic Avi, or what?


      What is the difference between Blackmagic Avi and AVI Canopus or AVI Cineform which are optionally offered by the conversion company at a higher price?


      I am new to film editing and will appreciate your help!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'd avoid non-camcorder codecs like Blackmagic or Cineform. They'll create small files that are fine for viewing, but don't make good editing sources.


          Double-check, but the Canopus should be  a DV codec. That would be your best choice.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Many of the BM CODEC's are available for download and installation. I have a couple, that I have had to use with PrPro, and they have worked OK, but not 100% flawlessly.


            That, however, does not mean that those same (or newer) BM CODEC's will work in PrE.


            There have been a few users (think they were on PrE 8 & 9, and I do not recall one recently), who tried to use their BM cards with PrE, and I do not recall any success. I'd do a search of this forum, to see what those users reported. They, IIRC, were trying to use the hardware, and not just the CODEC's, so their results might not be all that helpful. Even with PrPro, that does support the BM cards, there have been issues with the cards' drivers. In most cases, and again from memory, when the users got the updated drivers from BM, things went well. BM seems to be of a mind that they need to update their drivers, and especially with each new version (either update, or upgrade) of PrPro, and step up quickly. Still, there have been a few weeks, where a card, and the resultant BM Projects, were down, waiting for the new drivers.


            Maybe a user of PrE 10 has experience with the BM CODEC's, and can give you a definitive answer to your question, as I just had some general, and probably not very useful, comments.


            Good luck,