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    Protecting online interactive PDF


      I will sell ebooks online from my website in PDF format made with InDesign. I expect to sell 50 to 100 units.

      These PDFs must be password protected and I'd like to give a password to each buyer, so he activates his copy and the password can't be reused.

      The Adobe Digital Puslishing Suite makes the job, but it is designed for a big audience (from 2500 ebooks) and is far too expensive for the volume I target.

      Would someone know another solution free or not free ?


      Thank you.

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          Stix Hart Level 5

          So it would be a password to open?  I can imagine a paying customer getting annoyed with that, they'd have to remember it for life, or the lifetime of opening that PDF anyway.


          You could export to interactive PDF from InDesign and set the password each time there.  It would probably be able to be scripted, you could ask here and pay someone to do it for you.