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    Flash 5.5 - not saving most recent version?


      This is really bizarre, and is difficult to describe, so bear with me a moment.


      I have a recurring file for a client that I update every month. I create a version in English, publish it, get approval from the client, etc. Then I open that file, save it with a new name, and replace the text with translated Chinese. I save that file and publish it. This is where the weird stuff happens. The published SWF is correct (it has the Chinese translation), but when I open the saved FLA, it is back to the English version. It actually has some Chinese in it, but not much.


      This has happened three times now. The first time, I thought I was crazy and somehow forgot to save the file or something. The second time it happened I knew it wasn't me. The third time, today, I was watching very closely and making sure of each step.


      The published SWF was saved at 10:22AM 10/31/2011 (same with the report and html)

      The FLA was saved at 10:22AM 10/31/2011 (I actually saved it after I published)


      Yet they don't reflect the same contents and the updates that I made.


      It appears that when I save my file, it isn't saving the most recent version or something. Some of the changes I'm making are saved, but not all of them. The published files reflect all of the work however.


      Any ideas on what I might be missing here?


      EDIT: Just had a thought that maybe this has something to do with auto-saving? Looking at the file closely, the Chinese updates that are there are the first ones I made, then the rest looks like the untouched English version. The modified dates on the files would say no, since they are the same and appear accurate to when i actually intended to save the file. I haven't found the auto-saving preferences yet, so I haven't investigated very far. Just a thought.

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          Sukhi12 Level 1

          Hi JeffCulbertson,



          Please send me a zip file, change .zip extension to .zzz, and email the attachment to my attention at FlashAuthBetaBugs@adobe.com.


          I'll take a look and see  why your file changes are not being saved . Please also include the exact steps on how I can replicate the reverting issue


          By the way, did you install our latest update for Flash CS5.5 ( ?


          To check and see if you have the latest update, open the Flash about box (Help > About Adobe Flash Professional). With the latest update  you should see version This update was released in September.


          We have made  made some  changes  in this update to address this reverting issue.