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    Why Won't Adobe Reader Find Items in a Document That Are Clearly There?


      I performed a regular and advanced search of a document for words that I knew were there and Adobe Reader told me that they were not there. I was looking at one instance of the item that I searched for and Adobe Reader told me that it wasn't there but I was looking directly at one place where the words I am searching are located. Adobe Reader tells me that it is not in the document ANYWHERE, which is a lie because I can read and the words for which I searched are there at least once but Adobe Reader tells me that the words for which I am searching are not in the document at all. This isn't the first time that this exact thing has happened to me with Adobe Reader, I am simply tired of taking extra time out of my day to search a document manually when there are supposed to be tools to do that for me. Sorry for repeating my problem twice but I am frustrated and I want to make myself ABUNDANTLY clear. Can anyone help me?