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    Continuously looping background

    ruthgordy Level 1

      I have created  looping backgrounds (mountains and foreground) using the timeline.

      I created the loops by creating a vector range of mountains or hills, saved as a movie clip, got into the edit mode of the movie clip, duplicated the mountain art and butted it to the right of the original mountain range, grouped the two pieces of art and then tweened and moved (in the final keyframe) the whole piece of art to the left. It did exactly what I want.

      The only issue is tweaking some of the loops - when the first loop gets to the end of the timeline there is sometimes a "jog" or noticeable bump or lag in the animation.

      One solution I found was to play with the left or right position of the art in the final keyframe. I also tried extending the timeline by moving the last keyframe by a few frames. Sometimes it helps - other times I can't seem to get rid of the "jog".

      Any tips or tricks that may help me would be greatly appreciated.


      I've also created some simple loops with AS and that also had the same "jog" in the animation.