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    Tree's item XML


      Hi all!,


      I have a Tree Control, that uses a XML as a dataprovider. I added an event listener to a label in the itemrenderer, so when a double click hits the label the event fires up. So I have the current indexrow of the item, but I don't know to go through the XML data to match that row and extract another attribute of that XML row. I would like to know how to do that.


      <RESULTS Label="Responses" Parent="true">

           <RECORD Label="Test" Title="Test" Parent="true" Checked="0">

                <FEATURE Title="3407" Label="3407" Parent="false" ParentName="Test" Checked="0"/>





      So I have a XML, like this one. I know that the indexrow is a 2,  and I know that the text of the selected row is "3407", even though in the xml can be more row with the title 3407, but with a different parent, so I need to go through that XML or get that data from the selected row.



      Thanks in advance.