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    lost folder when recovering from photoshop elements 5

    daimatthews25 Level 1

      I was using the XP version of photoshop elements 5 when my PC crashed but I had a full (recent) backup on my external hard drive.

      My new ;laptop is running the 64 bit version of Windows 7 home premium .  I installed my XP version on the new laptop and it seemed to run OK. I but when I tried to recover my backed up catalogue it did not recover the files and lost the name of the folder which contained all the files. I still have the name of the folder but it no longer appears in the directory of my extenal drive. Non of the photos were deleted - at least they did not appear in the recycle bin.

      Is there any way I can recover the folder and tjhe files it contains ?.

      Also is there some incompatibilty between  64 bit Windows and the XP version of Elements ?

      .I had intended to upgrade my version of Photoshop after I had recovered my photos, but maybe I should have done this first. I have an earlier backup but would loose quite a lot of work if I have to use it, and in any case  I am reluctant to try it at the moment as I don't want to lose any more photos..

      I have never actually used back-up and restore and any advice would be welcome. 

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In the future (assuming your external drive is large enough) Select the folder that holds all your photos and copy it to the external. This way you have an exact copy elsewhere, then you can easily retrieve one or more images if needed.

          I personally have did this on a second internal, plus two externals. Once you loose images, especially ones you can't ever recreate like loved ones that passed away, you tend to get paranoid about not having a backup.


          As for your current situation, you can try a file recover app, using the windows commands for undeleting files, or pay a service to fix it. also keep in mind that the files do not have to go to the recycle bin to be deleted. If the drive has bad sectors, etc. those files may be permanently gone. What ever you do, do not run defrag, or save any files to that drive, until it is fixed or you finally give up. As writing to the drive will write over top of any deleted files first then use the empty region. Deleting does not mean it is gone, it just means the directory was changed to allow that area to be written over. So an undelete program just changes the directory so the file is accessible again.