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    EULA in another language?




      I'm probably one of the few that actually reads a EULA before agreeeing to it and installing a product.  When I click on the following EULA (with US as the download region) for Flash 11, I get page after page in a language and characters I do not recognize.    Is anyone else experiencing this issue?    If anyone from Adobe would be kind enough to advise, I'd appreciate it.   Thanks much.   




      Adobe Flash Player11 (PDF, 3.3M) | 10.3 (PDF, 3.3M) | 10.2 (PDF, 3.3M) |10.1 (PDF, 3.3M) | 10.0 (PDF, 2.3M)
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          pwillener Level 8

          I don't know; this may depend on your operating system, browser, and/or PDF Reader.


          I use Windows, Firefox, and Adobe Reader X.  When I click on the FP11 EULA link (in your post), it takes me directly to the English page.


          There used to be a language selection bar on the left hand side for earlier FP versions; I don't know why this has been eliminated:


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            TNSTAAFL2B Level 1

            Thanks much for your fast and helpful reply.  I'm a long-time Windows user that just made the switch to Lion on the Mac, so I'm still catching up.  When I clicked (from the U.S. page) on the flash EULA links, all the downloads are each displayed in Arabic without the language selector bar (identical to the format of your first screen shot).


            However, finally it dawned on me that although I would logically expect English to come up if I was on the U.S. page, the first language I could think of albhabetically was... Arabic. So I tried scrolling DOWN and sure enough -- alphabetical listing.  Finally  got the language selection bar in your second screen shot to appear.   The English version started about page 86 to 105.  


            Appreciate the excellent description of the problem, cause and how to resolve it and the screen shots in the meantime.  Also your patience, as I am certain this is a frequent issue!



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              pwillener Level 8

              There really should be a language selection bar, as it was there for earlier releases.


              I will write a feature request that this will be re-implemented.