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    The form readOnly access property is not retained after saving it.


      Hi all,


      I had a form that I created in Acrobat and further added some features using LiveCycle. Pressing a button on the form was making it readOnly.

      By saving it in Acrobat with proper rights, in Reader, I was able to fill the form, make it readOnly and save it.


      This was working fine until I decided to make some modification to it in LiveCycle. I did that and again saved in Acrobat with proper rights.

      Now in Reader, I'm able to fill it, make it readOnly and save it but next time that I open the form in the Reader, it's not readOnly anymore.


      As you see it was possible first and then got broken. I have no clue why the form does not save the readOnly access property.

      It becomes readOnly when I press the button and stays like that until I close it, though.


      Any help would be highly appreciated,





      Acrobat Pro X on Win XP SP3