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    doc.pathItems.add and  line.strokePath inconsistent with document resolution

    raybeau528 Level 1

      Applicaton: CS5 and javascript


      The doc.pathItems.add() and  line.strokePath() scripting commands produce inconsistent results with different document resolution settings. 


      In a for loop I create a pathitem line, stroke it, then delete the path.  I may do this several hundred times in the loop. 


      It works fine when the document resolution is low like 72.   As the resolution increases, not all lines are painted within the document.

      I've observed the line actually painted within the photoshop window outside of the image. At 300 resolution, only about 1/4 of the lines

      actually get painted on the document. I've used the waitforredraw (or something like that) function from the adobe js scripting reference

      document but it had no affect on the problem.


      I've verified many,many times that the pathpointinfo is valid and falls within the document width and height dimensions.


      Any help is appreciated.