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    Lightroom 3, Windows 7 and SSD

    Heirloom Bob Level 1

      I convinced a friend of mine to convert to Lightroom 3. He was happy initially but has since expressed some concerns and has even spoken aloud about going back to Bridge (Gasp!)


      His concerns are:


      I have drilled into him that when he chooses to move photos on his hard drive, that he move them via Lightroom. Today we were moving folders in Lightroom and kept getting messages that the folder already exists. We could plainly see that it didn't.


      Second issue was that when we were able to move a  folder in Lightroom, all folders will "grey out" and the photo count beside each folders disapppears for several seconds and then seems to "rebuild". Very annoying.


      His catalog is not on the SSD. If he moves photos from one folder to another and then deletes the empty folder, shouldn't these changes be reflected in Bridge?


      Any thoughts?