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    Computer not Recognizing Flash Player


      All was working well on my computer until last Friday night. I tried to watch a video on Hulu, and the site told me that I needed to download the Flash Player, which I thought was already on my computer (just the night before I was able to watch videos on Hulu with no issues, meaning the Flash Player was properly installed). Anyhow, I did, in fact, download the latest version of the Flash Player, but I still get the same message (download the Flash Player) whenever I go to any site that requires it. Adobe Flash is NOT showing in my list of installed programs even though I downloaded if. That said, when I go to the area in my computer to remove programs, it IS showing as being there for removal. I have removed it and reinstalled it several times, still with no luck.  I therefore cannot watch any videos. Is anyone having this same problem, and, if so, have you found a solution? Thanks. BB