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    Premier Very Slow, Locking up AND intermittant garbled audio

    Charles832 Level 1

      Wow that's a bunch but I am having real problems suddenly.

      Seems like whenever I walk away from premier Pro I come back and my mouse won't work, system is locked and I have to reboot hard!

      Prior to this I was having a new experience where one time i would open a sequence and the audio was scratchy, the next time I would open it and it would be fine. This is still happening as well.

      Whenever I go out to another program or look at a file on my system and come back to Premier Pro I get the little working circle for about 30 seconds.

      I use a scratch disk which is only half full and my hard drives are enjoying plenty of room on them....

      I have an I7 12GB Ram, NVidia 285 Video CArd, and when the system is working it is like a rocket, but right now....S-L-O-W...

      Help I am stuck on a very large project and need help!!!