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    Loading font libraries dynamically; having some problems.


      I am using SWF font library classes (done with FlashDevelop) to be able to have dynamically embedded fonts in an application. All text/graphic components are drawing styles from a plain (non-swf) CSS file, which supplies all the text/label components with a generic font name, to which the dynamic font is imported.


      Example: User is using Arial.

      App imports ArialFont.swf which has embedded:

      - Arial Regular

      - Arial Bold

      - Arial Regular with embedAsCFF=false


      and maps them to an internal generic font name:

      - MyFont (regular)

      - MyFont (bold)

      - MyFontCFF (embedAsCFF=false)


      This is working perfectly, for the dynamically generated components.


      However, the s:Label components that are laid out with MXML in the application are loading before the fonts are properly loaded and embedded, and they are displaying with Times New Roman (system default), even though the embedded fonts are now loaded and ready.


      Is there a way for me to force these static s:Label components to update their view to include the newly embedded fonts?





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