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    Bones Questions

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      Two questions about bones.


      1. Thigh Moves Funny Around Neck Bone. How To Fix?

      In the image (see link) If I just drag the bone from the neck of the jersey to the ltop of the thigh then when I rotate the legs they rotate around the neck area which is really bad. I want to make a hip bone but it won't let me add more than one bone to a symbol? How do I get around this?


      2. Pivot Point Won't Stay Where I Put It

      I dragged my object onto the stage. I then selected the "Free Transform" tool and then moved the objects pivot point to where I wanted it. I then made the object into a "Symbol" but then the pivot point reverted back to the "center" of the object. How do I keep the pivot point from moving back to the cener of the object?

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          chris georgenes Level 2

          Hard to understand question 1. True, you can't add multiple bones to a single symbol. You can add a new symbol to an armature if you want.


          Question 2: If you edit the center point of a symbol it will remain in that position. But if you convert it to a new symbol then the center point will default to the middle just like it did originally. You will need to edit the center point again.

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            hanks Chris,


            Well very time I move the "pivot point" on the Symbol it doesn't keep the change. For exampe when I create a character. I drag each of the character's parts individually ontoo the stage. Once I turn them into a symbol and move thier pivot points I delete the part fom the stage and grab the next part. But as soon as I delete the Symbol from the stage and drag it from the Library onto the stage again the pivot point is back at center. I want to move the pivot point and then have it save the pivot point location even if I delete the Symbol from the stage. I don't see why this doesn't work.

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              chris georgenes Level 2

              Well, the center point position, if changed using the free transofrm tool, is only remembered on the instance of the symbiol. If you delete the instance and drag a new one to the stage, then the center point will be in the default position. When you edit the center point on a symbol on the stage, it is not edited on the symbol in the Library. There is a way to do it though. Double click the symbol in the Library to enter edit mode. Position the artwork relative to the little cross symbol ("+") and that will be your center point for allinstances on the stage.

              ***This will reposition all current instances of the symbol already in use so you may have to re-align your work on the stage for each instance.


              Hope this helps.

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                Comp. 792 Level 1

                Thanks Chris, but I tried that too and it still doesn't work. I created a "Symbol"  and the deleted it from the stage. I then double-clicked the symbol in the Library and moved the object (the head) so the ("+")  lined up with the neck. I then clicked the back arrow and then dragged the Symbol onto the stage again and the pivot point was back at the center of the object not at the neck area.

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                  chris georgenes Level 2

                  Ahhh I see what you are saying - ok here's a very undocumented trick in Flash:

                  Edit the symbol art so that the "+" is where you want to symbol to "hinge".

                  Delete the instance from the stage OR just drag a new instance to the stage.

                  Select the Free Transform tool.

                  Now DOUBLE-CLICK the white dot (instance center point).

                  The magic here is that the white dot will *snap* to the location of the "+" inside the symbol itself


                  That combined with always keeping an instance on the stage will solve your problems.

                  Another trick in Flash for keeping objects on stage for reference without having them be part of the exported SWF: Place them on a Guide Layer. Anything on a guide layer will not be included in the exported format.


                  Hope this helps.