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    Problems displaying a tab view and a set of "global" controls in the same dialog

    JohnK UK Level 1



      I'd appreciate any help you can give me with this.


      I'd like to display a tab_view in a dialog and, above it, a row of controls that are relevant to all information in all the tabs rather than just in the current tab. I can create the tab_view and successfully display it on its own.  I can create the control row and successfully display it on its own.  When I try to display both the control view and tab_view, I get the dreaded "?:0: attempt to call method 'hierarchyCreated' (a nil value)." error.


      Here's the relevant code snippet:


      local contents = {}

      contents[1] = controlRow

      contents[2] = vf:tab_view(viewItems)

      LrDIalogs.presentModalDialog {

           -- contents=vf:tab_view(viewItems),     -- works

           -- contents=controlRow,                 -- works

           -- contents=contents[1],                -- works

           -- contents=contents[2],                -- works

           content=contents,                    -- fails



      Can any one shed any light on what I'm doing wrong?  Thanks in advance.