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    Can Coldfusion Report Builder Lock .MDB Files?


      I have been seeing an issue where an .mdb file will be locked into a read only mode state. There is no .ldb lock file on the object, but when I open the DB up a banner pops up at the top stating it is in read only mode. While it is in this mode it cannot be queried by CF pages and nothing on the site works.


      If I rename the same file to soemthing else it works find. If I rename it back to its original name it says it is locked and will not respond. I have been trying to figure out what has a hold o f the .mdb file when this is happening.


      Yesterday afternoon I was working in the coldfusion report builder and was connected to the datasource .mdb through the rds server. I am now wondering if it is report builder that is locking the DB.


      Has this happened to anyone else? Has anyone ever seen issues like this?