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    Urgent: Resize book in CS4

    Rekeguf Level 1



      I have a book with the format of 17.5 x 25 that I need shrunk to 17 x 24. I tried just changing the page size in document settings, but naturally all the design elements (text, pictures etc.) stay the orignal size. The book is over 200 pages, so I can't go through every page manually.


      Help would be greatly appreciated!




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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's .5 and 1 (centimeters?)


          Surely the printer can trim to this size and cut into the margins (.25 on each side) and (.5 on top and bottom)?


          Why do the images need to change size? It's not that dramatic of a change in size?



          Before you resize the document go to Edit>Layout Adjustment and turn this feature on


          http://rufus.deuchler.net/2010/03/csinsider-design-layout-adjustments-in-adobe-indesign.ht ml


          This will keep frames and images that are touching margins and guides from straying from here.



          If you really need to make this change. i'm afraid that sometimes manually is the only way. It's only 200 pages it's not that many pages to go through manually.



          Your other option would be use http://indesignsecrets.com/placing-all-the-pages-of-a-pdf-inside-indesign.php


          Create a new document at the size you want - and place all the pages of a PDF inside the new document.


          Of this this will also scale all the type as well as all the images.

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            Rekeguf Level 1

            Yeah, centimeters, sorry.


            The book contains quite a lot of graphic elements and pictures that are carefully placed. Though it's not much of a change in size I still need everything to scale accordingly. 200 pages would be a lot in this case..


            Thanks for your help, I will try what you suggest.

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It can be a pain when there are lots of graphics and the subtle movements and alignments. I understand.


              If you're ok with resizing the entire book including scaling the text - then the last option would be best for you.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                When using layout adjustment, many of yor frames may change shape, depending on whther they are snapped to guides. This is almost certainly desirable for text frames, but as a side effect the text reflows and can have a major effect on total page count and chapter starts and ends. It probably is NOT desirable, at least in your case, for graphics as it may easily result in improperly scaled and distorted images. I would try the technique on a copy of the original file.


                And Eugene seems to have forgotten again that Scott Zanelli has updated his script so it will place the pages from the ID file directly.... InDesignSecrets » Blog Archive » Zanelli Releases MultiPageImporter for Importing both PDF and INDD Files


                Another possibility might be to export the text from  the original file to InDesign Tagged Text, then remove it completely fom the file. Resize the the doument without using layout adjustment, fix margins, and reflow the text. This will be much more successful if you used master text frames (which I usually advise against) as you acan select all pages and remove local overrides to the master objects to get rid of the text frames and restore the master frames to the new dimensions -- this would remove images, too, though if you used master image placeholders, so it might not work. If you didn't use master frames, you'll be stuck using layout adjustment or fixing frames on 200 pages manually.

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                  Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Ha ha yeh I didn't forget I thought I had the right link. I must update my bookmarks.


                  Although I would suggest they use the PDF. Anytime anything graphicaly heavy indesign file. placing 200 pages makes my indesign go real slow.


                  With a PDF it seems to go smoother.