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    How to save to *.m4v


      I have a website that is able to show Flash video sermons which I shoot and produce with PPro CS5.  I have gotten some requests to make these online videos available to non-Flash browsers like the ones in an iPad and other similar devices that don't do Flash.  As I understand it, I will have to either add a player to my website that will play H.264 in addition to the Flash or change the site so it uses a player that will play both formats.  It sounds like I may want to use the one player that does both, and for that I need to use *.m4v video files.  If my video in is AVCHD, how can I best save in this m4v format?  Also, if there is a better way to get the results I need, I will be open to suggestions.  BTW, I designed the website a few years ago and self-taught myself the HTML programming, but have forgotten almost everything I learned at the time, so easier is better.


      Edit:  Forgot to mention two issues:

      1) Flash will start to play before the video file is fully downloaded.  With the large video files, will the alternate player work like this also?  Don't want my users to have to wait long to start playing the video.

      2) I would like to maintain video quality.  Some of the formats are actually much worse than Flash (even with larger file size).

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The H.264 bluray presets save to m4v, but no audio that come in a seperate file.

          You could make a bluray folder in Encore and rip the m2ts from the stream directory.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            for that I need to use *.m4v video files.


            Actually the better option is .mp4, which can contain audio and works quite well on a web site.  You can set it up to start playing immediately, and the quality is superior to the Flash codecs.


            You get this extension under the H.264 heading.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Like this:


              1-11-2011 11-14-56.jpg

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                RobertBoy Level 1

                I did some quick "exports" using several different formats.  Apparently the MP4 format will also work.  The file size is about 6 times the size of a Flash file and the quality is just slightly better.  Will this format start playing on the website before it's finished downloading?


                Edit:  Oops, seems Jim has already answered one question here - looks like the video will start immediately.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                  If you code it that way, yes.

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                    RobertBoy Level 1

                    It was actually easier than I thought to set it all up on the website.  I used JW Player and made a simple page and edited a 90 minute sermon down to 3 minutes.  I also exported a full 90 minute one to MP4.  The file size of a regular 90 minute Flash file is 200,000kb and the MP4 is 1,200,000 kb.  The short test MP4 is 121,000 kb.

                    The problem I have is that when I play the video on my Windows IE8 machine, the video runs just fine.  When I play the video using my iPad, the video is really jerky and the audio runs faster than the video.  If I pause the movie, it allows the video to run while the audio is stopped.  That is, I hit pause and I don't hear any audio, and the video keeps moving and then stops.  If I leave it paused, hoping the video will download more, then start it up again, it's still very choppy or jerky and the audio and video get out of synch very fast.  All this to ask if there is a better way to save to a MP4 file?  I foresee a real problem, because I am only using a 3 minute video.  What will happen with a 90 minute video?

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                      Jim_Simon Level 9

                      Sounds like your iPad just can't handle the bitrate, either because the processor just isn't strong enough or the bandwidth of the video clip is too high for your service.

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                        RobertBoy Level 1

                        Agreed.  Is there something I can do when exporting the video?

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                          Jim_Simon Level 9

                          Lower the bitrate.