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    Adding a Loading Animation to a Captivate movie for use in a RoboHelp Project?

    Aaron Briggs Level 1

      Hello all:


      I'm inserting SWFs (built in Captivate 5) into Robohelp topics (using RoboHelp 9, publishing to WebHelp Pro output). These topics hold only the SWFs, so I've published the SWFs to autoplay  when opened.


      The problem is this: when I publish my RoboHelp project, my Captivate movies display as image icons (see screenshot). There is no loading animnation or screenshot to indicate that the Captivate movie works. If I wait a few seconds (variable, depending on file size of the SWF), the movie will appear and start to play. I'm concerned that my user will think the file is broken and leave the page.


      How can I enable a loading animation (or even a loading image) to show my user that there is, in fact, content on the page when the topic loads? I'd like to keep the auto-play functionality, if possible.