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    Elements 4.0/Raising volume


      I edited a video in Elements.  It's one of a series of videos of separate videos that play one after the other.  In this one, the narration volume is noticeably lower than the others.  I tried upping the Narration mixer setting and re-saving but this didn't do it.

      Is there a way to raise the volume and re-save it?


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Of course! There are several ways.


          The best is to right-click on the audio clip on your timeline and select Audio Gain. You can try just clicking the Normalize button and seeing if it will up the volume automatically. If not, you can increase the gain numbers manually.


          On the other hand, you should also open the Audio Mixer (under the Window menu) and ensure that your audio is properly mixed and is not peaking at higher than zero. Otherwise you'll end up with distorted, poor audio.


          In other words, it may be better to lower the volume of the audio on the other tracks rather than merely increasing your narration gain.


          I go into details on all of this and how to do it in my books, if you're interested. Although we have no books for version 4, many of the same principles apply.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I'm not sure why the Audio Mixer did not help, as it's the method that I most often use.


            There are several ways to adjust Volume within PrE, and this ARTICLE goes into more detail.


            One can also use an audio editing program, like the free Audacity.


            Hope that helps, and good luck,



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              Aniks Level 2

              Along with the methods described by Steve, I personally think that Smat Mixer also does a good job. But before trying this, you might wanna save a copy first.

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                2t26 Level 1

                The mixer worked on the second try.  I am sure it was operator error.

                Thanks all.

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                  Aniks Level 2

                  Good to know that it worked out for you.


                  Happy Editing