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    Logo image in titles disappear when open project on other PC


      Hi You all!

      Got a problem with Premiere Pro CS5 regarding titles. We´re a group of people who uses the same CS5-project file as a template (write protected) from a server out on different computers.

      For each new project we open the template-project from the server and do a "save as" before we start editing on our own PC.


      The problem occurs with our titles in this template-project. We have a pretty straightforward title with a background and text created in the title editor. Then we also  import a logo in png-format in the title editor. This works great when we open the project on the same computer as its made on. But when someone opens the project on another computer from the server the image is gone and there's a "Logo" text where the logoimage was. To get the image back we ned to open the title in the editor, klick on the "logo" and the smal square in the tools to the right and browse the image file.


      This is hard unecessary work to do when we do changes etc in the template project.


      Hope there is some way to get the logo image to stay in the title when the project is used on other PC:s.


      Hope I have managed to explain the issue ok. Thanks for any help with this.