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    hang when switching applications


      I recently built myself desk top for editing HDV with following hardware and software.

      Gigabyte Motherboard GA-X58A-UD5 for CPU i7 950 Intel chip-set Quad core, Power supply 750 Watts

      RAM DDR3 16 G, Hitachi Hard Disk 1T 7200 RPM, GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580.

      I monitored all fan speeds and temperature of components, all are working good.


      Windows 7 professional 64 Bit
      Adobe CS5 Master collection

      and other minor software like LR3, PS and Bluff titler etc

      The purpose to build myself is there is no garbage software in it.( when you buy brand names they always give you unwanted garbage software to buy something from them and they can monitor your activities).


      I started editing HDV 1440 x 1080 from tape capture, while scrubbing on time line the memory usage was showing shoot up max when it has 6 G, after consulting with my friends I went to 8G then 10, finally now 16G. So crash problem and hang up problem gone. It crashed 4 times at 8 G RAM. So I reduced play resolution to quality 1/4 display and started handling slowly and gently giving enough time in between mouse clicks. I was nervous and frustrated

      How the efficiency increased

      1. Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 software update from web site ( product CD is useless)

      2. Increase the size of good quality of RAM ( with cooling radiator type metal fins)

      3. Unlocked the video card for Mercury Playback Engine (MPE), rechecked and confirmed with Adobe Prem Pro at general setting and also by GPUSniffer.exe at command prompt. I see yellow line on sequence time line. Cracking Video Card worked

      4. Set up Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 control panel from monitor 3d settings preference to Adobe premiere CS4 software.


      Now still where is problem?


      When I move my cursor from editing screen to other program - as example : copy text from text file for titles or from e-mails text, copy picture or video clip, or drop audio file from folder, the Adobe CS5 hangs up for about 15 to 30 seconds each time when I go out of it and comeback to edit


      Any suggestions from any one has who has hands on experience in handling Adobe premiere pro with all new technology.


      I was very nervous as I reduced player quality, video was not looking good, not even web quality, the look was total disappointment.


      With all these problems I completed one wedding project, burned first DVD of 8.5 G and Blu-Ray also.

      All results are very very exiting, wonderful and my all worries gone, I feel confident now.


      Blu Ray result were mind blowing vivid colors and sound ( dolby) was simply pure and clean.


      I congratulate and salute to all Adobe staff members who put so much on web for learning.

      By watching it on web, I did all this, I can not believe myself.


      Thanks Adobe guys, you rock !!!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          To get this out of the way early - have you updated your PrPro CS 5 to the latest?


          Good luck,



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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            RAM DDR3 16 G, Hitachi Hard Disk 1T 7200 RPM

            First of all, this is an ineffective amount of memory, because you degrade memory to run in single or dual channel mode, while triple channel mode is supported when using 3 or 6 sticks. Note that amount of memory is more important than the mode it is running, so 16 GB in dual channel mode is better than 12 GB in triple channel mode, thus your best option is to increase memory to 24 GB.


            Second, the hard disk sounds like singular, not plural, which is below minimum requirements. You need at least two separate 7200 SATA disks, but the more, the better.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I would even say two is below par.  I feel three is a good minimum recommendation.  System, Projects/Scratch and Media.

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                Dave_Gish Level 1

                Yes, I agree.  You should have a RAID hard disc array for editing HD.  So 2 hard drives in a RAID-0 minimum.


                And by the way, if the noise from all those hard drives makes it hard to think, try this:


                I have three of these in my system, one for each HDD.  Not only do they reduce noise dramatically, they actually cool the hard drives, so they tend to last longer.

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                  MarkWeiss Level 1

                  Geeze, I do all this with CS3 and four tracks of XDCam EX footage on a Q6600 with 4GB of RAM on Win XP, smoothly. I didn't realize CS5 was that much of a pig to need 16GB just to run 'smoothly'. I guess I'm glad I didn't upgrade to CS5 after my CS4 debacle and rollback a couple years ago.

                  My only problem is the occasional AVCHD footage I get has to be converted to MPEG before I can import it, but XDCam 1920x1080 footage works better than DV footage in CS3. Four cameras in multicam edit is pretty smooth going.

                  Adobe really needs to improve their code efficiency. It's starting to look like US government beaurocracy--more bloat, more resources, less service.

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                    Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

                    Hey Mark, I suggest trying the CS5 trial before casting stones, as such.  I don't believe that 16 gigs is at all required.  It should chug along with 4 just fine;  the more, the better, but not absolutely essential.  If anything, the move to 64 bit has stabilized things much more than CS4 & prior.


                    I think the OP's trouble is pretty simple: it sounds like I/O is the bottleneck.  Probably in combination with large amounts of clips in the project.  When you alt-tab away from PPro, we release file handles, so that, for instance, if you were going to edit an audio file in another application, the file won't be locked.  When you alt-tab back to PPro, it does a refresh on all the media in the project, makes sure that if the file has changed in some way, we reflect those changes in the app.  So, if you have bad disk bandwidth, this takes longer.  If I had to guess, the OP might be using an external USB or firewire drive?  In any case, do yourself a favour, buy two dedicated TB drives for project media and stripe them together.  It's cheap, it's easy to do, and it's a huge boon on performance.

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                      Dave_Gish Level 1



                      I ran CS3 before, and now CS5.5.  Most of my stuff is DVCPROHD, but also some DSLR and XDCAM.


                      Three points:


                      1) CS5.5 is way better performance, like 10 times faster on renders, and absolutely no pre-rendering to view effects.  It's night and day.  I stack as many effects as I want, and then just hit play, and it works.  1080p - no problem.  3 video layers - no problem.  Mix DVCPRO and DSLR footage on the same timeline - no problem.  It's like a dream.  Now I spend about the same amount of time editing, but I do a lot more effects, J and L cuts, and other stuff like that.  In other words, I do more editing and less waiting.


                      2) CS5.5 uses 32-bits per pixel internally.  This means some things look noticably better on the final render.


                      3) I'm running 8GB RAM, and I've never seen the system use more than 6GB with CS5.5.  So I don't understand all the hoopla for 16 or 24.  However, with the NVidia system monitor tools, it does seem like the memory bus is sometimes the limiting factor, so I can see how 12 GB on a Core-i7 950 may speed things up, just because it has 3 memory busses.


                      Hope this helps.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        Thank you for the explanation on the release of the files. I had never considered that, so learned something.





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                          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                          I addition to Wil's comments, I'll point out that one cause of a large time for switching between applications has been the installation and use of certain security programs---specifically Avast. When you have the security set high with these programs, they can monitor every write operation to the disk, and this has been known to slow things down quite a lot. So, if you're using such a program, try disabling or even uninstalling it (with your computer disconnected from the Internet, of course, so you're not exposed to intrusion while unprotected) and then run some tests.


                          Some changes in how Premiere Pro behaves made this specific issue less of a problem in CS5.5 than in CS5.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                            Thanks for that addition. The real-time, active scanning anit-virus programs have been causing all sorts of issues, due to their active-scanning. I concur with your suggestion to terminate them, and not have any Internet presence, while editing.





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                              aradhana1 Level 1

                              Hi Harm


                              Listened your words carefully, now increased HD to three. one - C for programs only 1T, two for - adobe projects capture, data,media 2T, third for out put only 1T. Increased smoothness and efficiency dramatically.


                              Yes it makes a sense, while editing we do not out put, while capturing we do not edit so they do not interfere each other.


                              One problem did not yet solved

                              While re-play ram goes up up and up. Suppose in a time line u see certain length of capture, now you replay from start point, when the cursor comes at end of workplace window it freezes, and see message "not responding" on top left of Adobe premier window, in a 5 seconds, then it starts showing up thumbnail of each clip on video track , like popping up popcorn, but then we have to wait until all shows up, then click on play again in replay window.


                              Now what is the exact name for this problem. CPU not enough fast ( i7 Quad core), U see same problem, some times when u open so many applications and you try to open picture folder in thumbnail mode. Each thumbnail shows the picture pop up one by one.


                              Otherwise new PC working fine, due to increase in Hard Disk to now to THREE , crash worry gone. Today it worked as a sincere helping hand, but one burning DVD crashed due to sleep mode of PC when I came back to it and clicked blindly with mouse.


                              Now I leaned new lesson today, in case of monitor and PC sleep, just want to see DVD burn status just hit window key three four time, it becomes alive. and see the progress.


                              Updated CS5 Adobe premier. Burned total 4 DVD's of 8 G of one project, It worked faster due to increase in Hard Disk, sure, it is proof.