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    Loading Movie autoplay in html window

      Hey all, I have a website with multiple silos. I have made LONG swf movie and SHORT movies. I'm trying to make a page that isn't annoying when revisited over and over again. I will use an analogy to get my point across to you. You enter the house by using the front door (html page) and by clicking a embedded flash movie with buttons. This is a long movie. You click the flash buttons and it takes you to a silo in the house - with a long movie that plays. You are now in the house, with two other options to select. If I visit another room, and come back - (Question) how do I make the flash movie play once long... full movie - then short the second time (half the movie) when revisited. I tried making html redirect pages... but once in the house you will only be able to specify the short movie redirect. Any help? Thanks, dbrox08