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    Export problems - Error compiling movie - Unable to Create or Open output file

    Toomany3 Level 1

      I've got a weird one here.  I cannot export projects to my main render Raid-0 harddrive, but I can to any other drive. 


      This is not unique to Premiere.  It's happening to me in AE and Cinema 4D, so I'm sure it's not an Adobe problem.  But I'm posting it here in hopes that someone could help me figure this out.  I've never run into this before.


      I recently was forced to reformat my harddrive and reinstalled everything due to a harddrive failure.  Reinstall of Windows 7 Ultimate and every other software went as expected.


      My drives look like:


      B: 2TB drive

      C: 2TB drive has opperating system and CS5

      R: is a 3-disk (3TB ea) Raid-0 (my main render drive)

      S: 15TB NAS

      T: 15TB NAS


      I can render from C4D/AE and export from PP to ANY drive other than my R:\.  When rendering to R:\ I always get a message like this (this happens to be from Premiere/AME):




      I ensured my file permissions on R:\ were set to "yo, let anyone on this computer do whatever the heck he wants; got it, Winny?" but that didn't do it.


      Any other suggestions?


      I'm able to work, but can't render to the right drive.  I can render to another drive and copy the rendered file over through Windows, no prob.  Just rendering/exporting ain't working on any program.