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    Using Data Merge, VDP and Folding on Xerox Docu 260


      OK So I have a customer that sends me an Excel file of addresses that I use to print directly on his newsletter. Its an 8 page newsletter (2 - 11x17 sheets folded in half). I send the master to the Fiery controller. Then I use data merge to create an indesign document with the different names and addresses only. My problem is, I canot get it to print and fold the spreads. I can do 4 pages at a time. But when I try and output the entire job it prints flat. Is there a setting or a way to tag pages so I can print the entire job and have it fold? Hopefully I explained myself and didnt make it too confusing. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Using Indesign CS4.

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          Stix Hart Level 5

          What type of Fiery RIP do you have?  Is it the "bustled" one in a box stuck on the back of the 260 or a standalone one?  If it's the bustled one you're probably stuck, although we did work out how to get round it.  You have to print the "cover" first, merged and flat, then load that back in and insert it as a cover when you are printing the inside, which in the case of an 8 pager is then a single sheet.

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