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    Minimum requirements

    CarolW_NY Level 1

      My organization has a need to allow the general public to download and save fillable various PDF's from our existing public facing website.  Obviously the general public most likely has Adobe Reader and can't save without us unlocking the form.  Since it will likely be over 500 users, Adobe Professional buys me nothing.  I don't have the need to collect the data entered in the forms electronically or have then submitted on-line or need digital signatures.  What is the abse minimum infrastructure I would need to allow multiple users in the organization to create forms that are savable in Reader by the end user and post those forms on our existing website?

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          pguerett Level 6

          LIveCycle Reader Extensions Server is a server based program that runs on an application server (JBoss, WebLogoc or Websphere) on just about any platform (Windows, Linix, AIX etc...). It also requires a database to store its information in it. Once it is loaded and ready it provides a web interface (Flash based) that any of your user (assuming you have given then the rights) that will allow them to apply the rights to the form. The good news is that there is a turnkey install that will load an app server (JBoss) and a database (MySQL) that is all you need. You merely need to supply a Windows server box (4 Gigs of Ram) is recommended but that is for the whole suite.


          Hope that helps