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    ADE stopped transferring library books to Nook - Says some files can't be copied


      ADE has transferred my library books to Nook for almost a year, until today.  I have no problem downloading books, but when I drag a book to the Nook icon in ADE it stops in the middle of copying, and I get an ioError message and the box also says "Some files unable to be copied".  Plus, I'm getting an Error Manifest File message - a #2038.



      I deleted ADE and re-installed it, which didn't make any difference.  I do have Kaspersky, but never had a problem until today so I don't know if that is the problem.  I followed some instructions I saw that detailed how to allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall.  That didn't make a difference.  I also saw something online about changing a Network Rule with Kaspersky, but didn't understand how to do that exactly, so I left it alone.