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    Alert.Show WEIRDNESS

      OK, riddle me this, Batman:

      I've got a function (example attached) with a number of items running in it (alot of setting of variables, and outputting them to text areas and such). When I have an Alert.show call, all is well and the variables get set and output just fine.

      But when I remove or comment out the Alert.show call, the whole thing comes to a grinding halt and variables are not set.

      And here's the weird part (like the stuff above wasn't weird enough): the Alert.show can't be a hard-coded string, it has to be the value that one of the variables is being set to (in other words, the original value that was saved as a variable, not he variable itself).

      I've hit this now both in Flex 3 and Flex 3 AIR applications...

      HELP! (and thanks)