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    R3D Realtime Playback working in source but not on timeline.

    nakulvit Level 1


      I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 and facing a very peculiar problem. I have a few Red One 4K files and a few Red Epic 5K files. I can import them into Premiere Pro just fine. When i play them back in the source window, they playback just fine without any stutters. Then I drag them into a new sequence/timeline. I see the yellow MPE bar as well. This is when the full-res files start stuttering and refuse to playback in realtime. This is without adding any effects onto them.


      Curiously enough, this used to work for me for 4K files with two layers of curves adjustment as well. This suddenly stopped working.


      My configuration:

      Intel Core i7 980X

      24GB DDR3 RAM

      Nvidia GTX580


      The files are on RAID 0 storage.


      Any ideas anyone?