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    Premier: How to render the mp4 from mp4 (recorded with screen capturing tool) without quality loss f

    chuacha_ Level 1

      I’m novice in video making, but I need to make some good quality crisp video tutorials for the internet streaming.

      So I’ve stopped on mp4 format, cause it is portable and not heavy.


      I have a screen captured video with that tool  1000X750



      Then I’m adding some effects with After Effect.

      I’m exporting that using h.264, because that is what I need in the final version.


      The quality after After Effect is great and size is good,

      but I need to compose several pieces and add audio, which I’m trying to do in Premier again using h.264.


      I need the good quality video, not very heavy, because I need to stream in on the website.. But the problem that Adobe Premier low the quality and I’ve tried so many ways and setting and I still don’t have any idea how the prevent that..


      My current setting are:


      When I create the project:

      Display Format: Timecode

      Capture format :HDV

      Sequence preset: AVC-Intra 720p 30 fps (I’m not which preset to choose when I capture video from the screen but I have tried almost all of them and  just AVC helps me avoid the shaking video )

      Pixel aspect Ratio: Square pixels (1.0)


      When I export the project:

      Format: H.264

      TV Standart: NTSC (do I need that if I’m going to use that video just for computer not for TV.. ?)

      Frame width: 1000    height:750    (do I need the same frame size as AVC-Intra – 1280X720? )

      Frame rate: 29.97 fps

      Pixel aspect Ratio: Square pixels (1.0)

      Profile: high


      Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 2 Pass

      Target Bitrate: 6.06

      Maximum Bitrate: 10.68



      Please help me to find where I’m wrong.. is that possible with some settings to get no loss quality when I render mp4  to mp4 in Premier?


      Thank you guys for any help and sorry if my questions sounds stupid as I’m really novice..