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    Is there an emailing function I can use in Flex? Help this poor noob.


      My boss just gave me a Flex project that displays a database worth of data in the browser. After making a selection (a selection counts as picking any number of columns or rows), a user can right click on the table where the selection was made and click the "Email Selected" menu option on the right click menu. This has all been done for me.


      My job is to take all the selected rows (irrespective of what columns have been selected) and take their "E-mail" field (i.e.,  the address that is in the column called "Email") and send an email to all these addresses (populate the BCC field with the email addresses), I guess in their default email client. Right now all that happens is a pop up comes up (similar to the JavaScript Alert) that says "Lets email these guys!" and I am supposed to make it a mailto popup. Any ideas? I am a complete novice in every respect to Flex and Flash programming, so saying I am in over my head right now is an understatement.


      I would really, really, really appreciate any help with this.


      (If you need more info on what it is that I am doing, please don't hesistate to ask for a clarification)


      EDIT #1: After some researching it turns out I am working with a datagrid and I just tried using the selectedIndex property of the datagrid that I am working off, but it only returns the row of the first selected row of the multirow selection. How would I know the row number of the first and last row selected?