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    No sound from imported m2ts file

    Arve Knudsen

      I've imported an m2ts file into a Premiere CS5.5 project, containing h.264 video and DTS audio. The audio is apparently not retained. How come, is it that DTS is not supported? How should I eventually convert the source?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I do not think that you will ever get the DTS Audio Stream to Import. I also do not know of any ripping software, or audio-editing program, that can effectively extract that Audio Stream, but would guess that there are some out there. Though I do some DTS work, it is only for supplemental Audio in DVD, so have never been faced with extracting/ripping it from a muxed file. Maybe others will have a workflow and program suggestions for you.


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          [Edit] If there is not a good extraction program available, you might need to use a player, that can handle the DTS, and record from that, during playback. If so, Save that recorded material as PCM/WAV @ 48KHz 16-bit, and Import that, syncing it up to the Video.

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            Arve Knudsen Level 1

            Thanks for clearing that up. Maybe I could demux, convert the audio to a supported format, and remux? I've never tried this procedure before, but it sounds like it should be possible. That is, I know how to demux/remux.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              If you are going to edit the material, there is no need to remux. Basically, ripping the Audio Stream is demuxing, except that you still have an Audio Stream, the DTS, muxed into the M4t, though you cannot directly get to it in PrPro, but it's still there. You then end up with an Audio file, that could be edited and only needs to be Imported, dragged to the Timeline, and synced up.


              Now, if you have, or can find a demuxing program, that will split out the DTS Audio Stream to a compatible format, like the mentioned PCM/WAV, that would be fine too. You could use the M4v,or the existing M4t, on your Timeline.


              It is extracting the DTS to something that you can use, that matters.


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