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    Download file stored in Database?

      We are implementing a mini DMS in our application and need to write and read files to the database. We are trying to figure out if we can convert the byte array we get from the DB into a file that the end user can save on the client machine.

      Is this possible with Flex? I have heard no, but that Apollo might allow it. What is Apollo?

      Any ideas on how we could accomplish this with Flex3?
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          atta707 Level 2
          Apollo is what Adobe AIR was call in it's last version.

          It's certainly possible to donwload this file from DB to user's machine using Flex. And the bulk of the job would be done on the server side, using Java/.NEt/PHP/whatever.

          Flex would simply send a request using FileReference class to a server side page and that page would read the file from DB as byte array and write to the response. That would allow user to save the file on his/her machine.