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    Problem configuring Application Server using Livecycle Configuration Manager for Livecycle ES2.5

    superflexer Level 1

      In process of installing Livecycle ES2.5 on Linux with WAS, I hit a roadblock while configuring Application Server.


      Before this step, I created a new instance of Application server and started it successfully after changing the SOAP timeout properties and increasing the heap size for Deployer.


      Now on the Livecycle configuration Manger, I filled out all the necessary fields on the Application Server Configuration Screen, but on Verify Server connection,

      I get the following errror:




      The error message reads " Abnormal termination of WAS JACL script for [ValidateServerCluster].


      Couldnt find any helpful information about how to resolove this and proceed ? Any help will be appreciated !!


      [ A screenshot of error is attached below ]

      livecycle was config error.JPG