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    AS2: Flash Game Code Help


           I'm new to all this flash stuff, I started a couple days ago. I'm working on my first flash game, an arcade shooter. So I'm thinking your ship is upgradable, around 10 different ship types. You move the ship with your cursor, I used "Actions for" for it. I don't know how to efficiently upgrade the current ship with a different one and keep the controls since those ships will be in the Library.

           A bit hard to explain, I've been thinking of many different ideas: Instead of Actions, I use an Actionscript, but I'll either need a bunch of if statements I guess or change the Instance, Name, Class or whatever for the next ship which I don't know how to. Keep the Actions in them, keep them on Stage, the ships that aren't the current ones will be invisible. Or somehow replace the Bitmap with one of the upgradable ship Bitmaps, that I thought was the most logical and easy way to go, except I don't know how to code it, if that's even possible.

           I know I should be using AS3, but I only know AS2, and I don't want to switch yet. So it would be great if you could help me with an idea and code for this.