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    Acrobat 9 Batch Processing - Get PDF filenames from folder?

    lhanneman Level 1



      Can anyone provide me with an example with how to use Batch Processing (when set to a specific folder/files) to get a list of filenames in that folder? I haven't been able to find any examples online. There doesn't seem to be any built in batch sequences that automatically do this so I assume it will need to be done with javascript?


      Ultimately, I need to automate a process (I was hoping to create a batch sequence to accomplish this) that will allow me to prompt a user to pick a source folder of PDFs and then based on that selection, run a Javascript that I create which will merge all PDFs in that folder into a new PDF, apply some crop setttings to each page, and then prompt the user where to save the merged PDF?


      Has anyone ever done anything like this? I would love to see an example of how this might be able to be achieved.


      Many thanks in advance.