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    Courses Stopped Working

    grumpy 111 Level 1

      About three weeks ago almost all the courses I have built over the past year or so failed to open in Internet Explorer.  The window opens, but the course will not run.  Apparently the HTML code that launches the SWF video is no longer recognized by IE.  It gets interesting because it makes no difference if courses are built in Captivate 4 or 5.  But, some Captivate 4 courses do run correctly.  On the other hand, Chrome plays all the courses without error.  Fortunately, I had access to an HTML guru who found a workaround, but I really don't want to revise the HTML file code everytime I publish a course. We tried a lot of things before coming across the code problem. 

      Has anyone else had this problem?

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It would really help if you could share what your HTML guru found to be the issue.  Then perhaps we could also say whether or not we've seen the same problem.

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            I too have had a problem with courses running in IE9.  I am using Captivate 5.5.  The courses will load locally, but after the screen appears, the whole screen resizes about 5% larger, cutting off the bottom and right hand side.


            This same course will not play over the web when uploaded to server.  Now, a previous course which use to work just fine (3 months ago), is doing the same thing (not loading at all with htm file) while they all work fine when I just call the .swf file, by passing the htm file.  The programs also work (both htm and swf) in Chrome and Firefox.


            Any suggestions?