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    Why is only some of the TOC entries showing up in the TOC?




      I'm working in InDesign CS4 on Windows XP Professional. I have created an InDesign template for a large document and have applied specific paragraph styles to different level document headings that are then used in the table of contents (TOC). The TOC displayed perfectly fine before. Then I changed the names of the document headings and updated them in the TOC Styles. Since then the TOC only displays 1 out of 4 heading levels and I can't see any reason why. I have tried to delete all the old TOC Styles and recreate the one I want to use with no luck. I have tried to open the document in CS5 where nothing has changed - then back-saving the file as an .idml and an .xml file. When opening either file in CS4 again, nothing has changed.


      Please see attached screenshots of how I have set up my TOC Style. The 4 level paragraph headings applied throughout my document are called: "Heading 1", "Heading 1 - Appendix", "Heading 2" and "Heading 3". Then the Entry Styles used to format the TOC are called "TOC 1", "TOC 2" and "TOC 3". The last screen shot shows you how my current TOC displays showing only the style called "Heading 1 - Appendix".








      If anyone has a clue to what is causing this or how I can fix this, it would be highly appreciated. I'm at the stage where I'm considering recreating the whole document which I would rather not have to do as it would take hours.