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    when exported to pdf, I lost random text and pictures

    guitchick17 Level 1



      This is the first time I've used InDesign, and I have experienced a pretty big problem the night before I'm to send it to print.


      I'm using CS5 and when I went to export it, I chose some simple options I read


      Standard - PDF/X-4:2008

      Compatibility - Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4)


      I made a couple more adjustments and when it went to a pdf, there are 4 pages missing a couple pictures and a few pages of font.


      I couldn't figure it out, so I decided to just pull my fonts and pictures and try again but it won't let me.


      It shows all the font layers and the pictures, but you can't see anything or select them. The confusing thing is that in one circumstance, half the article is gone. I tried to delete the font layers, and pull it down again from the previous page, but it won't work either, it gives me an error of over set text.


      Does anyone know what in the world happened? It was ready for print one minute after months of work, then, kablooey!!


      when it was finished exporting it gave me an error that stated something about 1 error with background


      Can anyone help me?