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    Adjusting Narration Volume over Video Clips in Project


      Need some advice re recording narration for best playback quality in project with Audio 1 track and Soundtrack in background.


      What does BUFFER SIZE mean in Audio Hardware settings, and what buffer size should I use to record narration?


      I can record narration now and it sounds OK when I play it back in the project on the computer.  However, when I burn project to disc and play it back on the TV, the narration is much softer and almost inaudible.


      How do I get the best volume for the narration on my project?  At present it is being drowned out by the music soundtrack even though Ihave tried using keyframes, audio mix and even Smartmix to adjust settings.


      I must be doing something wrong, but what?


      Any suggestions you can give me would be much appreciated.


      Many thanks,