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    Android API level control from Flash CS5.5????


      Hello, newbie here.

      First of all, I am no programmer! I have no problem admitting that Im in uncharted territories here.

      I am trying to create an android app with cs5.5. It works fantastic on all phones when it is distributed from my website. However, when distributed from the android market, only certain phones can find it in a search. I think that it is because of the API filtering that the market automatically does. Right now it is showing that my apk file supports levels 8-14. I think Im going to need it to allow 7-14 or even lower. How can I set up Flash to produce that kind of file? Again, I am no programmer, so if anyone can help me in laymens terms..........................Ill send you a fantastic Christmas Card this year.

      Im on Windows 7

      HTC EVO 4G

      The app is called "Dukes Alehouse Beer Menu" if it helps.

      Thanks in advance for any help.