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    CS5.5 crashes when an effect is dragged

    Mike C R

      I have been using Premiere CS5.5.1 without problems until recently.


      When an effect, (eg cross dissolve or fade to black), is dragged directly onto the timeline, Premiere locks up and cannot be started until the system is re-booted.


      If any of the efftects are dragged across the other windows, (eg project box), and then onto the timeline, everything is fine.  How strange is that!


      Has anyone had his happen before, and how do I fix it?  Is there a "configuration" file I can delete to force Premiere to rebuild the project?


      I work with two Philips 190B monitors, and my system is: Hewlett Packard Z600 workstation, 16 gig RAM, 64 bit, 8 processor cores, NVIDIA Quadro 4000 display, DirectX ver 10.