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    Printing Metallic spot inks


      Apologies if this is posted in the wrong area but....


      I have a black and white image that looks nice but the client wants to 'lift it a bit' and has asked for us to use silver as well as black.


      We've suggested using a silver or mother of pearl type stock which is an option, but they want certain bts of the image (one is a cocktail glass with a lemon in it), like the lemon to 'pop' a bit, ie stand out more than the rest of the image.


      is it possible to print the job as a duotone, using black and a spot metallic silver ink? I've only really used metallics for type where we use it at 100% and have never used it on images or in tints.


      is this possible or if not any ideas guys?


      Many Thanks in advance,



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          Stix Hart Level 5

          Good on your client for being willing to spend the extra to "lift it a bit", the problem is that it is basically impossible to proof metallic colours apart from a full wet proof/colour pass scenario.


          You're going to want to do the duotone in Photoshop, I'd try to use prints of that and samples from your printer to illustrate the difference while warning that the final result is an art not a science, therefore imprecise!

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            Dubai_Dave Level 1

            Yeah I fully agree - there's no way of seeing how it's going to come out, and that's slightly worrying.


            Another idea we had was to illustrate the images a bit, do soem nice intricate line art over the images and do that as solid metallic silver, I think if we did it well that would work and we'd know what we'd get.